Curved Blades to make your own Spoon Carving Knife


Current wait time is about 6 to 8 weeks.
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Blades, unhandled,
These blades come fully polished, sharpened, & tested. For a tutorial on putting a handle on one of our blades, see the “How-To” menu above.

Sweeps: Left and Right #2 on the left, and Left and Right #1 on the right.
Above: Sweeps,    Left #2,    Right #2,             Edge is facing down               Left #1,     Right #1.       

Bare Blades of Sweeps

Above: Sweeps,    Right #2,     Left#2,       Edge shown facing up        Right#1,     Left #1.  

Left and Right Handed Hooks,
Above: Left and Right Handed Hooks, Shown with edge facing down.


Here’s a short video showing the care that we put into the entire blade.


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