Sharpening Combo Special w/ 1200 Stone


Fine Grained Leather Strop

Sharpening Compound - White Gold

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1200 Grit Diamond Hone

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Kit includes:
One Fine Leather Strop (choose 1 or 2 sided)
One Diamond Hone  (1200 grit)
One bar of Sharpening Compound

Diamond Stone:  In choosing which grit to purchase Рwe suggest the 1200 for tools that come as sharp as ours.
For tools that need some tune-up we suggest the 600, as the 1200 is extremely fine.
(The 320 coarse is only for tool repair and it’s too rough to go from it straight to the strop.)

Strop: 1 Sided is standard and is what I have always used, but we have had a lot of request for 2 sided strops – so we offer them as a choice. The fine grained leather is the same on both sides. We hear some folk use the second side as a cleaning / or non-compound side, and others use the second side for some other type of compound.

Compound: The leather strop is the carrier for the sharpening compound, the brand we have chosen is specifically formulated for hand stropping of carving tools on a leather strop. It works great!


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