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12″ long overall out of 7/16″ oak or ash, that is finely finished, with 2″ x 8″ very carefully selected leather.

Sharpening Compound: this type of strop works by using an extremely fine abrasive compound specifically made for fine polishing/sharpening of tool edges.   If you have either Aluminum Oxide (White) or Chromium oxide (Green) you are probably ready to go. If not, may we recommend our White Gold compound.

These strops are made to last a lifetime – and then pass on the the next generation. Each strop comes with a printed sheet of instruction in its use & care. I pick the very particular leather to be ideal for very fine sharpening, (cheap leather is way to coarse or uneven and rounds over the bevel)

One or Two Sided: Most woodcarvers get by just fine with a single sided strop. However, it was people using straight razors that got me started making strops with leather on two sides. Now some carvers use the 2nd side to clean the tool after stropping, some use it as a plain leather strop, and some have two different grits of compound. We’re happy to oblige, whatever the need.


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