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I named this knife for Harley Refsal as he was central in it’s design. It is made specifically for the style of woodcarving that he introduced to the world – called “Flat Plane Figure Carving”. Blade is 2”.
This tool is made especially thin and flat for easy straight cutting in very clean basswood – if you’re carving into knots, hard wood etc. it may mean you need to go to a heavier edged knife, like a sloyd.
Comes with a custom protective sheath.

To learn more about the handles, steel, heat treatment etc. that we use – go to the bottom of the main spoon carving supplies page.

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14 reviews for Harley Knife – 2″

  1. Rob Robison (verified owner)

    Great knife. Steel is superb. great wood carving knife. sheath is perfect.

  2. Devan Tulgren

    Best knife I’ve ever had lasted 3 years now cuts like new with very minimal sharpening. Ordering a few more for myself and friends.

  3. Santos (verified owner)

    Incredible knife for figure wood carving.
    It also works with harder woods. The handle is very comfortable and the wood is very beautiful.
    The tool fits perfectly in the sheath and is well protected.
    I love this knife.

  4. James Massey

    Yup, it’s a fantastic knife. Perfect handle, perfect blade, and a really nice sheath. My favorite thing about this knife is the bevel, it’s the easiest knife to strop. This is a pro’s knife that’s perfect for beginners.

  5. Colin (verified owner)

    Amazing knife. Easy stropping. Stays sharp. This knife will not dissapiont

  6. Jeff Owens

    Hands down, best knife I have ever used. Holds an edge like a dream and I never thought it possible but cuts basswood like it was soap. Well pleased does not even come close to describing how happy I am with this knife. Well Done!

  7. Scott Wyatt (verified owner)

    By chance I met Harley a long time ago (16+ years?) at a place I volunteer at and was lucky enough to spend a few minutes talking with him about his carvings. Harley described how to modify a typical carving knife to match the way the “Harley Knife” is made. That was a pre-internet era so searching for something that specific was much more difficult. The local wood working stores had mostly small detail gauges, chisels, v tools etc. and I sort of gave up looking after a while.

    Fast forward to the fall of `19 and I took a class on spoon carving. After taking the class I did an internet search for a kolrosing knife and found Pinewood Forge. As I browsed through the website I saw the “Harley Knife” and just had to get one. I did a few figure carvings with a good quality knife that is more suitable for spoon carving before ordering the Harley Knife. Since then, I have done a dozen or so small figure carvings with the Harley Knife and absolutely love it. The knife holds and edge very well and the bevel makes it easy to strop so it will stay razor sharp. The knife feels balanced and the handle feels comfortable in my hands. I just need some more practice before I am ready to try the flat plane carving Harley does so well.

  8. Ellen (verified owner)

    I purchased this knife after ordering Jason Miller’s book on Flat Plane carving. I could not be happier, so happy I ordered the 1.5 Stubby. I was totally frustrated with carving because I was not able to get my knives sharp. This knife is so easy to keep sharp and it changed my outlook on carving. I didn’t realize how relaxing carving could be until the Harley knife entered my life. I plan on asking for two more at Christmas just in case there’s a waitlist or I break one. Thank you De and Pinewood Forge!!

  9. Chris L Binge (verified owner)

    Great knife! Scary sharp and protected by the included sheath. Glides right through wood.

  10. Mark (verified owner)

    I own a variety of the most popular knives, and I enjoy using all of them. However, I recently purchased the Harley knife, and I may never pick up my other knives again! It is the finest knife I have ever owned. It has made woodcarving even more enjoyable. Thank you Pinewood Forge.

  11. Scott S. (verified owner)

    Fantastic knife! I am a relatively new carver, and don’t have a huge number of knives. However, of the ones that I have, the Harley is night and day above the others! Absolutely beautiful handle, super easy to strop, and absolutely goes through even harder basswood like it’s nothing. I will absolutely be coming back for another knife or two in the future!!

  12. Gary Hamilton (verified owner)

    I bought this knife in 2016 to use in a class with Harley. Since then I have carved over 50 carvings with just that knife. It makes a distinct sound (suuuuch) as it cuts. Love it! Strop often.

  13. John B. (verified owner)

    I bought my first Harley knife from Harley himself… I’ve used it for several years and was afraid something might happen to it so I bought a second one. it’s all the knife you could use. If you need a detail knife just schrunch down on it and use the tip. It makes slicing through most woods easier, much easier. Only ever needs just stropping, leave the stone in your pocket.

  14. Lawrence Varner (verified owner)

    Beautiful hardwood (cherry) handle.
    Came super sharp.
    I have numerous knives and this is one of my favorites.
    Very fast shipping.
    No complaints.
    Highly recommend.

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