Spoon Carving Combo Special


Current wait time is about 8 + weeks.

Sloyd Knife 2 1/4"

Hook Knife - R or L

Spoon Blanks - 2" x 8" × 2

Spoon Blanks - 2" x 8" × 2

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This is our most popular set – it is all one needs to begin spoon carving. The hook and sloyd knives will  last for a lifetime of of carving – they come absolutely sharp and ready to use.

The 4 spoon blanks we give folk a choice of species, we suggest for a beginner to get 2 basswood and 2 birch. The basswood is easy to carve for learning the craft; the birch, being more dense,  is the standard wood for eating utensils in Scandinavia.

Included is a sheet of instructions in carving a spoon and in sharpening. If a person has no sharpening tools we recommend eventually getting the ‘sharpening special ‘,  but it won’t be needed for carving this first set of spoons – we make tools that really hold an edge.

Comes with custom sheaths.

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Weight 14 oz

Hook Knife - R or L

Spoon Blanks - 2" x 8"

Spoon Blanks - 2" x 8"


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