Sloyd Knife 2 1/4″

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Our standard knife for doing the exterior carving on a spoon or ladle.  Comes with custom sheath.

To learn more about the handles , steel, heat treatment, etc. that we use – go to the bottom of the main spoon carving supplies page.

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14 reviews for Sloyd Knife 2 1/4″

  1. Greg Bean (verified owner)

    WOW, what a great knife. It is razor sharp and polished to a gleaming surface on the blade and handle. The handle is exquisitely figured Western Maple burl. What a superb piece of functional art. The curve of the blade is excellent for taking long shavings or smooth finishing cuts. I highly recommend this to anyone who is proficient in carving or someone just starting out. Thank you for such a fine product.

  2. John Howerton

    I purchased the blade only for this knife since I wanted to carve my own handle. It’s seldom that I purchase something that meets my expectation but this blade is exquisite, not only it craftsmanship but in design as well. It seems unlikely that a better blade could be created.

  3. John Mock

    It would be hard to beat the quality ” beauty and functionality of this knife. I use it nearly everyday..

  4. Andrew Eickmeier (verified owner)

    My new favorite knife! Amazing quality and well worth the wait!!! Will buy again.

  5. John W. R.

    These tools are the highest quality available.
    After receiving my first knife years ago I’ve ordered every sweep and style and my only regret is that I didn’t do so sooner.
    Follow the additional information and links, care for them as instructed and I cannot see where anyone would be disappointed.

  6. Evan Vinson (verified owner)

    Finally! A carving knife that actually comes ready to use. Others say they are, but can’t cut when you get them. This comes scary sharp, looks great, cuts great, feels great ect…… well done.

  7. Karl

    I’ve owned this knife for many years and it’s the best I’ve ever used. Holds a razor-sharp edge, has a comfortable handle, and works great for large shavings or small details. Don’t hesitate to buy this knife; I can’t wait to expand my collection.

  8. George Gilmore (verified owner)

    Del, the knives are beautiful!  They both arrived super sharp and the 2 1/4″ sloyd is just a pleasure to work with and the left-handed hook knife is a perfect compliment to the sweep you sold me earlier for my spoon carving. I’m making them earn their keep in that they have to help me find spoons hiding in the split seasoned hardwood I’ve been stealing from my wood stove, but they’re doing great with just a light stropping every couple of hours. I can’t imagine what they’ll be like to use on green wood. Maybe next big wind storm I’ll find out.

  9. George Gilmore (verified owner)

    Del – forgot to give you 5 stars! Hopefully you can do it for me if you post the review.

  10. Mark (verified owner)

    Just the knive I was looking for to do sweep, and detail work. Extremely sharp! I love the way it performs.

  11. Randy E Pipal

    Absolutely beautiful tools. I wish I could get my chisels and plane blades this sharp. Incredible craftsmanship. Thanks so much. I’m on the waiting list for the larger Slojd.

  12. Evan Vinson (verified owner)

    A full year later follow up review. It’s still an excellent knife (Sloyd 2-1/4”). I’ve sharpened it now and it was easy to return back to scary. Still holds an edge well also. Leaves the wax on end grain, if you know what I mean. I’m a woodcarver, in the round mainly. Characters, animals and such. I do make spatulas and spoons on occasion still. My Osage orange handle is starting to age nicely. Thank you for a wonderful tool that has many more years of use left in it. Thinking about grabbing a shorter blade for the more detail oriented stuff.

  13. JOHN WAYNE ROLLO (verified owner)

    +5 years later review, many tools added, thousands of hours of use carving, too many spoons to count, so many other projects too, and not one negative thing to report. Excellent customer service, quality, creative flare to the utmost degree, these knives are the real deal in the highest degree I have ever found. Do not hesitate to expand your collection, every tool I purchased is a work of art. I cannot express my appreciation high enough for such quality and craftsmanship.

  14. Danielle (verified owner)

    I just got this knife and I’m head over heels! The quality is wonderful and the price was so reasonable. It leaves behind lovely smooth cuts and has me excited to carve every day. I thought I simply didn’t have the hand strength for walnut or cherry but with this knife I’m able to do it. Couldn’t be happier, now I need to upgrade my hook knife as well!

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