Open Sweep #2 – R or L

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Above is a left handed #2 Sweep, edge is facing down.


Comes with custom sheath.
This is the deeper of the 2 sweeps allowing finish cutting of the bowls of ladles and deeper spoons. I am often asked “If I only get one sweep – which should I get?” While we sell about equal amounts of either, I normally say pick this one first as it has a broader range of curves to choose from – that is unless one knows they will be doing principally shallower bowl shapes.  Below is a silhouette of the blades for comparison.
To learn more about the handles , steel, heat treatment, etc. that we use – go to the bottom of the main spoon carving supplies page.





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Weight 3.5 oz

5 reviews for Open Sweep #2 – R or L

  1. Carl Jamerson (verified owner)

    Received my # 1 and 2 open sweep knives. Could not be happier. Excellent quality, handles are beautiful. Repeat customer and the wait is worth it. For all the USA carvers, we can purchase quality tools in the states. Del, I will be a repeat customer.

  2. Jeremiah Oehrke (verified owner)

    This is awesome knife.I will definitely be a return customer.In my opinion it works way better then my Robin Wood hook knives.Wish I would have ordered from pine wood forge first.Thanks so much for the great quality and your craftsmanship

  3. Kaylyn Messer (verified owner)

    I recently wanted to upgrade my old tools and was lucky enough to find Del’s work online and ordered the #2 Sweep. It is a lovely tool. I typically carve cooking spoons, eaters, and little jam spoons. The curve of the #2 is fantastic for getting the depth of the bowls of my ladles, as well as shaping my smaller spoons. The quality of the blade is incredible and the handle shape is very comfortable and fits my hand well. I strop the knife using Del’s two sided stropping paddle and compound. The video on stropping technique was very helpful and I’ve been able to maintain the edge easily. It stays sharp and has made my carving easier with less fatigue to my hands. I haven’t picked up my old spoon knives since I received this one from Del. I’ve already returned as a customer to expand my collection of Pinewood Forge tools by adding the #1 Sweep, and the 2 1/4 Sloyd. I’m constantly impressed with the quality of these tools and know I’ll be coming back to Pinewood Forge for years to come. Thank you Del, Celine, and Scott!

  4. Melissa Gardner (verified owner)

    I had heard of Del’s work years ago, but as a novice spoon carver I took my chances with knives that were readily available. I was honestly struggling with spoon carving until I bought this knife. its just an absolute dream to carve with. It is so delightful and fun. As most people will say, it’s hard to say anything that hasn’t already been said about Pinewood Forge. I will definitely be adding to my knife collection as soon as possible.

  5. Tom Bjorkman (verified owner)

    I’ve waited a year and a half to post a review as I think one should use a product before rendering an opinion. I started with an #2 sweep and later bought the #1 sweep. Both are excellent quality. Beautiful finish and easy to keep sharp with a strop and compound. I carve almost every week and find the products a joy to use. I highly recommend Pinewood Forge knives. They are worth the wait and the money. Kudos to a great product.

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