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Sloyd with a 1 3/4″  blade, . We sell more 2 1/4″ Sloyds than these, however,  these shorter ones prove very useful for folk with smaller hands – or folk doing small spoons. Comes with custom sheath.

To learn more about the handles , steel, heat treatment, etc. that we use – go to the bottom of the main spoon carving supplies page.

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6 reviews for Short Sloyd 1 3/4″

  1. Tracy L Harris

    I love this knife! I was looking to buy a short blade sloyd, and I already owned one of your Open Sweeps, so I knew your quality was top notch. This knife is so nice, and beautiful, that I just ordered the longer bladed version! Thanks for making them!

  2. Karl (verified owner)

    Absolutely top-of-the-line quality line carving knife. I’ve owned their large sloyd and hook knife for years and am excited to expand my collection. Beautiful grain in the handle and the blade holds a razor-sharp edge with minimal maintenance. Further, I had some shipping problems and their customer service was the best I’ve ever experienced. Don’t hesitate to buy this knife; you won’t look back.

  3. Walter Corder (verified owner)

    One of the sharpest i’ve had right out of the box. Quality is superb and handle is comfortable. I’m now a customer for life!

  4. Kevin Woolgar (verified owner)

    This is an excellent small sloyd knife. I’ve got knives from a few different makers that I really like, but this little knife is on another level. The sharpness, polish, and overall comfort of the tool are top notch. Also, it comes with a sheath, which I appreciate because it protects the tool, adds value to my purchase, and saves me from having to make one.

  5. Eric Shelton

    My wife bought me one of these for Christmas at least 8-10 years ago. This knife is absolutely phenomenal with stellar steel. The O1 is heat treated to perfection and the spine is just right so push cuts are not uncomfortable. The handle is stellar as well. I highly recommend this knife. It has made many many spoons.

  6. John W. (verified owner)

    If you have used a longer knife you should really consider trying this short sloyd, I have tge longer standard sloyd, and it’s fantastic, and the shorter one is absolutely amazing as the shift in geometry and leverage is really surprising. It also has less blade poking out to knick the hide if there is not a lot of room for error. It’s really something you need to experience. I’m definitely a fan of everything Mr. Del makes, they’re worth it, for both wait time and cost imo. A good strop is all you need, unless you hit a bad spot and ding the edge. But they come back from that easily too.

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