Sloyd Knife Blades


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These I produce as fully polished, sharpened, and tested as our handled tools, these are ready for the carver to add their own handle. See helpful instruction under “How-To’s”.

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top: 1-3/4″ Short Sloyd
middle: 2-1/4″ Regular Sloyd
bottom: 2-1/4″ Straight edge Sloyd

The standard for spoon and ladle carving that we produce is the 2-1/4″ Sloyd, it allows for the long sinuous slicing cuts that make carving the handle of a spoon, and back of the bowl,  such a luscious craft. However, we also sell quite a few of the 1-3/4″ Sloyd to people with smaller hands, or for doing closer work. The 2-1/4″ straight edge Sloyd has more specialized uses, more toward furniture and instrument makers. To learn more about the steel, heat treatment, etc. that we use – go to the bottom of the main spoon carving supplies page

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