The Slojd Tradition – 2 DVD set


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For over 20 years we have waited and hoped for Jogge Sundquist to make a new instructional video. It’s Done! Sponsored by Lee Nielsen Toolworks – it is a wonderful 2.5 hours of such careful clear demonstration  / instruction in carving green wood into beautiful useful things.
This DVD set is not commonly available, you can of course go to Lee Nielsen Toolworks to acquire it, but as a service to our loyal customers we have been allowed to offer it as well.

Available to ship  about Feb 15th

Subjects covered:

  1. The Slojd Tradition
  2. Splitting with a froe
  3. The slojd Axe
  4. Shape a curved handel
  5. Knife grasps
  6. Drying methods
  7. Fine cutting
  8. Finishing the curved handle
  9. Wedging the tenon
  10. Carving the spatula handle
  11. Painting
  12. Introduction to decorative carving
  13. Line carving
  14. The half circle
  15. Letters
  16. Chip carving
  17. Nail cuts
  18. Shallow relief carving

Here is an external link to a 5 minute taste of this video on youtube, just use the back button to return to this page.


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